Karen wearing hospital scrubs standing in a park with an open umbrella on the ground next to her. She is wearing a surgical mask.

Photographed Karen, an ultrasound tech today. It was drizzling and we wandered around for a while in the rain looking for a nice place. She’d been panicked that there wasn’t enough PPE for everyone in the hospital, but her neighbors came together and got her masks and gloves. She had a really positive attitude about everything. She’d also been exposed to COVID-19 when one of her patients tested positive and the terror of that shook me. Just the uncertainty she had. She ended up testing negative though. She also told me about some strange symptoms they’re seeing in children that they don’t know exactly what they are but, they suspect they’re COVID related.

I photographed with the 7artisans 35mm f2 and the Zeiss 50 f2.

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