I was super paranoid about going inside a building. My wife made me a mask out of a bandana and two hair ties and I went off to city hall (on my bike). The place was locked up very tightly but eventually I found the one open entrance. Signed in, sanitized my hands after touching the pen, and went up to the conference room which is a nightmare to photograph in. It’s got bright sunlight coming in through teh windows and bright tungsten lights overhead, making the white balance a total nightmare. I brought a bunch of camera gear, two Leica’s and a Panasonic M43 and a telephoto just in case. The mayor was super busy so communications director Deana Gamble volunteered to stand in for the mayor’s office for the portrait. She’s helped to craft the city’s response and the daily press briefings. It was interesting to see how the press conference worked — with all the reporters calling in over the phone and very, very few actual people in the room. Some technicians, sign language interpreters, people who I guessed were plain clothed cops and a couple of comms people. Other than that and the guard at the desk, city hall was pretty much empty.

A large room in city hall with very few people in it, spread out in chairs 15 feet apart.

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